Spokane community backs Machinists on picket lines

SPOKANE — Machinists Union members locked out at Triumph Composite Systems are gaining support from union workers and community advocates from across Washington state and the nation. On Wednesday, the first day of the lock out, Teamsters Union Joint Council 28 instructed its members to honor the picket lines at the Triumph plant on Flint … Continue reading

Washington legislators bowed to Boeing: Unions

OLYMPIA — A majority of the Washington State House Finance Committee bowed to the Boeing Co. today by voting “no” on HB 2638, which would have tied Washington’s $8.7 billion aerospace tax incentives to jobs. The action denies the state’s House of Representatives a vote on the issue and leaves the aerospace giant free to … Continue reading

Machinists testify in support of tax accountability bill

OLYMPIA — Washington’s Legislature needs to act now to keep more aerospace industry jobs from leaving the state, Machinists Union District Lodge 751 officers told the House Finance Committee on Jan. 19. The Machinists urged lawmakers to pass House Bill 2638, which would require the Boeing Co. to keep specified numbers of jobs in the … Continue reading

Boeing has shed nearly 4,000 jobs since tax cuts

SEATTLE — A new Boeing Co. report shows that the company has slashed nearly 4,000 jobs from its Washington state workforce since the state’s Legislature approved an $8.7 billion tax break for the aerospace industry two years ago. The company’s latest workforce report shows it eliminated another 342 Washington state jobs in November, on top … Continue reading

200 union members urge Legislature to fix incentives

OLYMPIA – Nearly 200 current and former aerospace workers came to the Washington state Capitol today to urge legislators to take steps to ensure the nation’s largest corporate tax give-away meets its original intent to “maintain and grow Washington’s aerospace industry workforce” with good-paying jobs. Passed in a special legislative session in November 2013, the … Continue reading

Machinists: Stop using our jobs as bargaining chips

The Boeing Co.’s recent moves to transfer work out of Puget Sound to South Carolina, Utah and China underscore the need for the Washington Legislature to attach accountability measures to the $8.7 billion tax breaks that the company and its suppliers now enjoy in Washington state. That was the message Machinists Union District Lodge 751 … Continue reading

Special Session: Unions push for accountability

OLYMPIA — The Washington Legislature‘s special session is giving Machinists Union District Lodge 751 and SPEEA more time to convince legislators about the need to hold the Boeing Co. and the rest of the state’s aerospace industry accountable for how they use $8.7 billion in tax breaks. “We are steadily picking up support, from both … Continue reading

Holden: Why subsidize low-wage aerospace jobs?

Cross-posted from TheStand.org. SEATTLE — Today, low-wage workers across America are taking action to demand a $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to form unions to negotiate with their employers. Here at Machinists Union District Lodge 751, we salute those hard-working people — fast food and home care workers, and even part-time college … Continue reading

Machinists, SPEEA call for tax break accountability

OLYMPIA — They may be working in one of America’s most-profitable industries, but employees of Washington state aerospace suppliers are paid so badly, they can’t afford to feed their own families, rent their own homes or buy their own cars, representatives of Machinists Union District Lodge 751 told legislators in March. A dozen aerospace workers … Continue reading

Two-thirds of voters support tax break accountability

RENTON — New polling shows that more than two-thirds of likely Washington voters support tying tax breaks for aerospace companies to requirements for maintaining jobs and providing living wages. The findings show strong support for two pieces of legislation now being considered in Olympia that would add accountability to the $8.7 billion aerospace tax preference … Continue reading

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