Sumner Machinists AIM for better than poverty pay

SUMNER — Negotiators with Machinists Union District Lodge 751 are fighting back against a proposal by AIM Aerospace managers in Sumner that would lock composites manufacturing specialists at the company into poverty-wage jobs for the next five years. “AIM President John Feutz doesn’t seem to mind that his employees qualify for food stamps and low-income … Continue reading

Trade deals to create aerospace jobs, opportunity

HAMBURG, Germany – Two trade agreements signed by Washington’s Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee on Friday have the potential to create new jobs for the state’s residents while also generating new opportunities for Washington aerospace companies. That’s according to Machinists Union District Lodge 751 representatives who took part in Gov. Chris Gregoire’s trade mission to Europe. … Continue reading

Boeing honors Machinists for outstanding quality

PARIS   – The Boeing Co. has honored a group of nearly 300 Machinists Union members at the company’s Everett site for their outstanding performance in improving the quality of the aircraft components they produce. The Electrical Systems Responsibility Center – commonly known as the Everett Wire Shop – was recognized in May with the Boeing … Continue reading

Tanker win shows value of experienced workforce

SEATTLE — Tom Wroblewski, the president of Machinists Union District Lodge 751, issued the following statement after executives of EADS North America said Friday that they would not protest a Pentagon decision to award a contract to build Air Force refueling tankers to Boeing: “Today’s announcement by EADS means that – at long last – … Continue reading

Union: Teamwork delivers a tanker triumph

District 751 Machinists say that a winning bid from Boeing to provide aerial refueling tankers to the U.S. Air Force will allow them to start planning for their futures. “I can plan for retirement,” said Mike Carp, a 767 assembly worker in Everett. “I can plan for my kids going to school. I can be … Continue reading

Machinists cheer 767 milestone, look to tankers

The completion and delivery of the 1,000th Boeing 767 is a major milestone in the history of aerospace, officers of Machinists Union District Lodge 751 said. “It’s huge,” said Local 751-A President Jason Redrup, who started his career at Boeing as a 767 structures mechanic. “There’s not a lot of airplane programs that can say … Continue reading

Union supports call for tanker investigation

EVERETT — Machinists Union officials say they strongly support U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell’s call for hearings into the mismanagement of U.S. Air Force tanker bidding data. “Thank you Senator Cantwell for standing up and being a voice on this,” said Jim Bearden, the administrative assistant at Machinists Union District Lodge 751. Bearden called the mix-up — … Continue reading

Top aerospace workers give Boeing the edge

The skill and experience of the Boeing Co.’s workers are what gives the company the deciding edge in the competition to build aerial refueling tankers for the U.S. Air Force, executives said during a recent rally in Everett. Members of Washington’s Congressional delegation vowed to support those workers, to make sure that they end up … Continue reading

Congressmen rip Rossi over WTO position

Dino Rossi’s comments about whether the Pentagon should apply recent World Trade Organization rulings to the upcoming U.S. Air Force tanker bidding show he’s not ready to fill Patty Murray’s tennis shoes in the halls of Congress, members of the state’s Congressional delegation said Tuesday. “It’s either gross incompetence or gross negligence,” said U.S. Rep. … Continue reading

IAM: Washington tax breaks not ‘trade-distorting’

Airbus or any other aerospace manufacturer would get the same Washington state aerospace tax breaks that Boeing got when it agreed to build the 787 here in 2003. Because of that, it seems unlikely that they are a factor in the World Trade Organization’s new ruling in the trade dispute between the United States and … Continue reading

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