Spokane Valley Machinists approve labor agreement

SPOKANE VALLEY – Machinists Union members who work at ASC Machine Tools will get raises and improved retirement benefits, thanks to their new union contract.

ascpic2The workers, who are members of Machinists Union Local Lodge 86, approved the agreement with an 65 percent yes vote on Dec. 27.

Under the terms of the three-year agreement, Machinists at ASC will get:

  • Raises of 2.5 percent in the first year, 2 percent in the second year and 2.5 percent in the third;
  • Yearly increases to the company’s contribution to workers’ 401(k) retirement accounts; and
  • The ability to take cash advances of up to $500 at a time to buy tools, work clothes or boots.

In addition, the company will implement the paid sick leave standard mandated by Initiative 1433, which was approved by Washington voters in November. That will increase the rate at which ASC workers accrue sick leave.

“We’ve got a good deal here,” said Allen Eveland, a Local 86 union steward who served on the bargaining team. “We got good wage increases for three years and good medical. We got an extra allowance for tools, boots and clothing. We got a good 401(k) match. It’s just over all a good contract for three years.”

Local 86 represents 99 hourly workers at ASC, who build specialized tools and machines used in the metal building, can manufacturing and metal stamping industries worldwide.

Local 86 is part of Seattle-based Machinists Union District Lodge 751.

Originally formed in 1935 by hourly workers at the Boeing Co., District 751 of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers now represents more than 31,000 working men and women at 53 employers across Washington and California. In Eastern Washington, they are served by a network of local lodges that includes Local 86 in Spokane, Machinists Union Local Lodge 1123 in Coulee City and Machinists Union Local Lodge 1951 in Richland.

Think you’d be better off working under a collective bargaining agreement? Click here to talk to an IAM 751 representative about how to join the Machinists Union.


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