Machinists at Boeing earn 3% incentive pay for 2015

The 2015 payout for the Aerospace Machinists Performance Plan for IAM 751 members at the Boeing Co. is 3 percent. The incentive plan payments will be made on the Feb. 18 payday.

shelly austinThe IAM-Boeing Joint Council met Monday, Feb. 8, where the final numbers for the 2015 performance period were reported on the AMPP. Representatives from the union and company then discussed the areas where adjustments should be made to ensure the AMPP payout better reflected the hard work of members regarding safety, quality and productivity.

The last estimate after the November data had the yearly payout at 1.6 percent.

Leaders of Machinists Union District Lodge 751 said they “appreciate our members’ patience in waiting for the final payout to be announced.”

Metrics for 2016 have been discussed and set. More information will be coming out.

Originally formed by hourly workers at Boeing in 1935, District Lodge 751 of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers now represents more than 33,000 working men and women at 52 employers across Washington and California.

Think you’d be better off working under a union contract? Click here to contact an IAM 751 representative to learn how to join the Machinists Union.

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