State Machinists Council says it’s opposed to I-732

OCEAN SHORES — The Washington Machinists Council recently voted unanimously to oppose Initiative 732, which would create a new tax on carbon emissions while cutting other taxes to make it “revenue neutral.”

airpolluteThe Machinists Council – which represents all members of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers in Washington state, including members of Machinists Union District Lodge 751 – said it opposes I-732 because it fails to address the economic and social implications of market-based mechanisms to curtail pollution.

“Simply making it more expensive to pollute will not magically build the infrastructure necessary to convert to a clean-energy economy,” the resolution approved by the Machinists Council on Sept. 19 said.

In addition, I-732 would require tax cuts to offset any additional taxes collected by the tax on carbon pollution, a factor that ignores our state’s “chronic under-funding of public schools, universities, transportation and other critical services that citizens want and need.”

That’s not an acceptable approach, the Machinists Council said.

“We cannot eliminate carbon-based jobs with no way for people to transition to clean-energy jobs,” said Dan Morgan, the council’s president and directing business representative of Machinists Union District Lodge 160. “Workers and their communities cannot bear the burden alone.”

A group called Carbon Washington is currently collecting signatures for I-732. If they collect 250,000 valid signatures by Jan. 1, and if state lawmakers do not pass it during the next legislative session, I-732 would appear on the ballot in November 2016.

The Washington Machinists Council represents more than 50,000 Machinists Union members statewide, working in aerospace, shipbuilding and ship repair, auto and truck repair, forest products and related industries.

For the complete text of the Washington Machinists Council resolution in opposition to I-732, click here.


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