Machinists to vote on Boeing 777X proposal

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Members of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers District Lodge 751 and District Lodge W-24 will vote on a proposal from the Boeing Co. that, if approved, would guarantee the Boeing 777X wings and fuselage will be built by IAM members in the Puget Sound.

777X_BoeingIn exchange for the 777X guarantee, Boeing proposes a new eight-year labor agreement that will expire in September 2024, providing an unprecedented degree of labor stability in the volatile and competitive industry.

“Securing the Boeing 777X for the Puget Sound means much more than job security for thousands of IAM members,” said District 751 Directing Business Representative Tom Wroblewski. “It means decades of economic activity for the region and will anchor the next generation of wide-body aircraft production right here in its historic birthplace and will complement the 737 MAX narrow body.”

According to estimates, the 777X could mean as many as 10,000 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs in the immediate vicinity, with the project also serving as a long-term hub for advanced technology in electronics, avionics and composite technology required by the 777X.

The proposal by Boeing includes additional modifications to the current labor agreement, including cessation of pension accruals for current employees and the establishment of an alternative company-funded retirement plan. Additionally, within 30 days of ratification, all members would be paid a $10,000 signing bonus.

Full details of all changes in the proposal will be provided directly by District 751 and W-24 to IAM members as soon as printing can be completed. A schedule of ratification voting is also being prepared and will be communicated directly to IAM members.

“Only a project as significant as the 777X and the jobs it will bring to this region warrants consideration of the terms contained in Boeing’s proposal,” said Wroblewski. “While not all will agree with the proposal’s merits, we believe this is a debate and a decision that ultimately belongs to the members themselves.”

The IAM represents more than 35,000 Boeing workers and is among the largest industrial trade unions in North America. For more information about IAM District 751, visit

25 Responses to “Machinists to vote on Boeing 777X proposal”
  1. What about the rest of it? ALL of it should be built here.

  2. Mike says:

    Negative Nancy

  3. David L Sweet says:

    What bonus 10,000 what a joke ! Are we stupid I think not!! After taxes maybe 7000.00 then how long does that 7000 last after paying 300.00 a month extra for medical, do the math this is terrible. This company is making more now then ever in or history and you want us to give up Retirement concessions and pay triple for medical while they rake in record profits. Maybe the concession should be to get rid of you fruit loops and just negotiate ourselves. Get rid of this trash offer and bring us another or that might just happen!!

    • Mark Dittell says:

      Spread the word if you have not MAXed out in step progression by the vote day 13 Nov 2013 you fall under the 50cent 1000 step progression. Where the HELL was the union in all this, this is horrid VOTE NO!!!!!!!!!!!! pass the word.

      • Jason says:

        “The Company proposes the following Seniority Progression changes:
        Employees with a seniority date on or after November 13, 2013, will no longer progress to the base rate range maximum upon their twelfth (12th) seniority progression increase. They will, however, continue to receive fifty (50) cents on each six (6) month anniversary.
        No change for employees with a seniority date of November 13, 2013 or earlier.”

  4. Steve says:

    Not just no, but HELL NO. After 2 extended layoffs, 23 years of seniority, at age 54, and 6 years away from a planned retirement? Weeks standing on picket lines for stuff you are ready to just give away? Another deal negotiated in secret?

    No. No more. … And Inslee can KMA.

  5. TPattonous says:

    It is a shame it all has to go down like this. The Boeing Co bending over the Tax Payers of the State of Wa., the Machinist Union, Members of 751, their families and community. The Company is laying it all out there in a take or leave it fashion. I would feel guilty except everything that we have won in the past is a signature away from being flushed down the toilet. I am supposed to feel guilty because of poor management decisions over the past 13 yrs. The 787 is a great airplane, but the company is billions and billions over budget because of offloading the work. Boeing Management wants to get their money back through the IAM Machinist, the Federal Government, and the Wa. Tax payers. I am supposed to feel guilty about the pension over the past 60 plus years at the Boeing, and give it up for the sake of Boeing and Community. I am supposed to feel Guilty because I have made a livable wage, have some medical benefits, and paid for 2 kids to go to college. I am supposed to feel guilty that the Boeing Company can not show more profit than 1.3 billion per quarter. … If the Boeing Company in Chicago pulls this one off, there will be a party on the CEO’s patio.

    • Stryker says:

      Or of course, South Carolina or another state can enjoy the living wage jobs we’re about to throw away with a no vote. I supposed to feel guilty that you didn’t manage your retirement funds? I’m supposed to feel guilty for a yes vote so I can put my kids through college? I’m supposed to feel guilty because I invested my VIP and thanks to the rocketing stock price, I’ll be in a good position for retirement? I haven’t see any proposal from Boeing or the Union. It’s mostly all just hearsay. When the offer does come out, read it over and make an informed decision rather than off of what you’re hearing on the shop floor.

      • jonathan mosier says:

        don’t feel guilty about your vote one way or another. there are laws on the books for extortion maybe the legislature forgot those or should they just abolish all laws so we can keep work. Some body needs to use their brain and vote NO!

  6. w says:

    seems like only yesterday that they backhanded a deal for us to vote on, and Boeing said things about the build location of the 787, then changed their minds and the USA government went after then for unfair labor practices.

  7. Fred says:

    Just think how much inflation will rise by 2024! If the dollar has any purchasing power left. Boeing will win big time here.

  8. working man says:

    This is a joke ! don’t buy it for a second ! Vote No, if we accept it then why do we need a union any more? Pension is a basic union benefit and 401 k is still only up to 8% 75 cents for every dollar wow!
    a 25 cent increase for a lose of pension really? and a big increase in health care cost!
    WE are not stupid they are tying to scare the people into voting for it! Don’t ! I want my pension
    when I retire in 2024……

  9. Spiker says:

    Buying us out for 1250.00 a year for 8 years = 10,000. Wow! are you kidding. Negotiate the WHOLE CONTRCT not just parts that suit the Company as a whole . Moral has been down for quite sometime and 10,000 after taxes and all the other take aways forget it. Negotiate more vacation, sick leave and get rid of our road blocks so we can do our job. 8 years before the next contract. We helped out 2 years ago and negoiated a contract a year early and dropped a lawsuit so McBoeing would keep 787 here and now they are strong holding us and saying they will leave and build the 777XXX somewhere else? Go ahead build it bean counters build it somewhere else. Record profits and you are bullying us into signing something 3 years early now. Take your money it is an insult. Move to Russia because it is a place where you can do what you want and quality is not an issue. Pathetic…..

  10. mgsummer says:

    Another sad day for our members. We still have the last word. Vote NO, We still have two years on the current contract.

  11. mgsummer says:

    Things are the same everwhere. I,say lets don’t go down without a fight. Doesn’t anybody remember the Fighting Machanists???????????

  12. Steve says:

    Here is something for you to choke on: the 737 max agreement In your current contract, Boeing’s commitment to keep it here when we agreed to the current extension is contained in letter of understanding number 42. In LOU 42 which was much lauded by the state, the press, the company, just about everybody, we took a very mediocre deal to secure that work. Under this proposal, and I encourage you to read it yourself, we give up the 737 MAX, and allow Boeing to take it elsewhere, just as they threaten to do with 777x. This is a direct quote from the proposed LOU on 777X work placement, it’s up on the union website, go read it: “Additionally, except as expressly
    provided, nothing in this Letter of Understanding will extend the duration of Letter of Understanding 42.” That means LOU 24 is DEAD. Boeing can move 737 anywhere it wants, and close Renton entirely.

    Give a little with one hand, take a LOT with the other. The Boeing way.

  13. Bubba says:

    Does the Upper Managments (CEO, etc.etc.etc.) re-negotiate their contract with the stockholders?
    If their so concerned about taking leadership and overtaking Airbus, have them take a cut in pay & no stock options

  14. Angela R says:

    Boeing is trying to screw us over once again!!!
    I’m saying NO to Boeing.

  15. Andy says:

    Why are they doing this? Because they can and we can’t let them do it! We have everything needed here to do it all, we will get it done that is best choice for all. We should not be signing a contract years in advance and signing one for 8 yrs, remember our future workers are depending on us. I am so grateful for what past members have done for us.please do same for them.

  16. Dave says:

    Really Boeing ! Your treatning to repeat the disaster in South Carolina if the IAM doesn’t except your offer. Let’s get real, Everett is already geared up for the 777X and there’s already millions sunk into the project there. 777X isn’t going anywhere. I call your bluff

  17. JOE says:


  18. Bubba says:

    So much for Heritage or Legacy.Boeing has taken the ranks of deflating the middle class and pushing towards the separation of the rich and the poor. I wonder if William Boeing the founder of that company is rolling over in his grave. Since the early 70’s Corporate leaders of all companies salaries have tripled and the working class has risen ,what about 5%

  19. Birdman says:

    As the company held Washington state with threats they managed to take $9 BILLION of our Washington state tax dollars so we as IAM751 get screwed by the contract plus will be required to pay Boeings tax load by the pay back of the $9 Billion taken from us to bribe Boeing. Great deal eh?

  20. Karin Engstrom says:

    Letter to Governor Inslee:

    I am very concerned about your negotiations with Boeing and the special sessions of the legislature to compromise our tax structure. These sessions take MY tax dollars. As a taxpayer, I object! I do not approve of this corporation holding our state hostage. It is time to disavow corporations as people who have more entitlements than the state’s citizens. A company that will not acknowledge its responsibility of doing business here by paying their fare share of taxes, should not be able to do business here. They’ve already abandoned us once before.
    Their attempt to cut benefits and pay from the workers of this state only adds to their “robber baron” image. They don’t give a damn about this state or its people.
    I ask you to support the union vote and stand up for the citizens of your state. I’m sorry you acquiesced to their demands.
    I’d expect this from your opponent during the election, but not from you.

  21. Bubba says:

    Now that the groundbreaking has been dpone.How much will be automation with less NEW employees?They’ll just shuffle existing employees to that position or line and not many new employees I bet.
    Boeing has the state in their pockets and have nearlt busted the union. Now what? lower wages for newbies??

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