Democrats urge supporters to get out the vote

EVERETT — Elected Democratic officials and candidates urged their supporters to continue working to the last minute to get voters to cast their ballots by Tuesday.

“Nobody wants to wake up Wednesday morning and think, ‘Gosh, I could have done one more thing,'” U.S. Sen. Patty Murray told Snohomish County party faithful.

Murray was one of the speakers at Sen. Maria Cantwell‘s “Jobs For Washington” rally Nov. 1 at Machinists Union District Lodge 751‘s Everett Union Hall.

In particular, Murray urged support for Jay Inslee, the Democratic candidate for governor, who has been endorsed by Washington’s labor unions.

“I want someone who picks up the phone in the governor’s office who shares my values, and that’s Jay Inslee,” Murray said.

Cantwell agreed. “I don’t want a governor who’s going to sue us on health care,” she said, taking a shot at Republican candidate Rob McKenna, who joined the unsuccessful suit to block “Obamacare.”

“I want a governor who will implement health care reform, and that’s Jay Inslee,” Cantwell said.

Voters in and around Everett could hold the key to putting Inslee — who represented Lynnwood and Everett in Congress — into the Governor’s Mansion, Murray added.

“If Snohomish County turns out big for a man you know well, I guarantee you that Jay Inslee will be the next governor of Washington state,” she said.

Suzan DelBene, who is running for Congress, said Republicans who buy into Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” rhetoric — like her opponent, John Koster — need to stop blaming poor people for being poor.

She said she watched her family struggle after her father was laid off from his union job. It took years to recover, she said. “It wasn’t for lack of hard work or trying.”

DelBene went on to a highly successful career in the technology industry, but she got there because of federal grants and student loans that allowed her to go to college, she said.

America should do more to help families like that, Murray said. “When we invest in education for our kids, when we invest in the transportation infrastructure, that’s what will make America strong.”

Congressman Rick Larsen said that the Boeing Co. and its union workers are helping fuel America’s economic recovery. “Manufacturing has come roaring back, in many ways, because of the men and women here, at Boeing,” he said.

To continue that growth, Congress should continue investing in aerospace, particularly for workforce training, Larsen said. President Obama and the Democrats support that, but Republicans do not, he said.

“Jobs are the reason we have to have Maria Cantwell in the Senate,” he said. “Jobs are the reason we have to have Jay Inslee as governor, and jobs are the reason we have to elect Suzan DelBene to Congress.”

Machinists Union District President Tom Wroblewski said Cantwell, Inslee and Larsen had been strong advocates for the U.S. aerospace industry in general, and for Boeing and its workers in particular. DelBene, he said, “will live up to that level of committment.”

Tuesday is Election Day. Washington is a vote-by-mail state, and ballots must be postmarked by Nov. 6.

Originally formed in 1935 to represent hourly workers at Boeing, District Lodge 751 of the International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers now represents some 33,000 working men and women in Washington, Oregon and California. In December 2011, District 751 members ratified a four-year contract extension with Boeing that ensured the 737 MAX will be built in Renton.

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