Wroblewski: Boeing workers are unique asset

The fact that the Boeing Co. can increase 737 production 20 percent beyond its current record rate speaks volumes about the quality of the company’s Puget Sound workforce, Machinists District Lodge 751 President Tom Wroblewski said.

“Thirty-eight planes a month is a great challenge, but one our members will achieve,” the Machinists leader said.

His comments came in response to news that Boeing Commercial Airplanes managers have decided once again to increase production rates at the company’s 737 factory in Renton. Machinists in Renton already are producing 31.5 ‘Three-Sevens a month, which is an all-time Boeing record. That rate will go up to 35 a month in early 2012, and on Thursday, the company said it will bump it higher to 38 a month in the second quarter of 2013.

“Increasing production is in response to customer demand for this plane,” Boeing Commercial Airplanes chief Jim Albaugh said.

Boeing already has a 2,000-jet backlog for 737s, and expects new orders as a result of ongoing sales campaigns and because current customers are expected to exercise options to add more planes to orders already on the books.

The decision proves how vital Boeing’s Puget Sound experienced workers are to the company, Wroblewksi said.

“The fact that Boeing is able to build jets at this all-time record rate is a testament to the skills and experience of the workforce here in Puget Sound,” he said. “They are an asset Boeing can’t replicate anywhere else.”

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