Moses Lake continues not-so-secret BMW project

Officials in Grant County continue to work behind the scenes on what they’re calling “Project Chinook,” which is the not-so-secret effort to lure a plant that would build car parts for BMW.

According to a recent television report from Spokane, officials of SGL Group still haven’t decided between locating the plant near Moses Lake, or at an undisclosed location in Canada. KXLY-TV reported, however, that a decision is “weeks away.”

The plant — which would cost $200 million to build and employ 200 people — would produce carbon fiber car parts for BMW.

Washington is a global leader in composites research and manufacturing, in large part because Boeing pioneered the use of composite materials in aircraft with the 787. Washington has research centers at the University of Washington and worker-training centers at both Edmonds and Everett community colleges. And last year, Italian automaker Lamborghini created an advanced composites lab with UW in Seattle to study ways to use composites in the auto industry.

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