Boeing’s being ‘misleading,’ Wroblewski says

A memo to Boeing managers giving the Company’s version of what happened during recent conversations about the second 787 line is misleading, disappointing and “untruthful,” District 751 President Tom Wroblewski said.TomPress5

“Boeing would not commit to any agreement to keep the second line in Everett,” Wroblewski said in a letter sent to Members Thursday night.  “That, and only that, is the reason why our conversations went nowhere.”

The memo from Doug Kight, the vice president of human resources for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, told managers that the Company had clearly laid out its desire for a 10-year extended contract and told the Union it needed to submit a “best-and-final offer” by mid-October.

Wroblewski flatly denied that. Boeing representatives “never told us what they wanted to see in an agreement — and absolutely never told us there was a deadline for submitting revised offers,” he said. “Instead, we found out the hard way that they’d set an arbitrary deadline; when it passed, they just walked away.”

“They’ve set a lot of unrealistic deadlines with the 787,” Wroblewski said. “This was just one more.”

Boeing is asserting that the Union had asked for unreasonable wage and pension increases over the life of an extended contract — raises of 3 percent a year, for example. Kight said Boeing countered with an offer of 2 percent.

But Wroblewski said the counter-offer Kight outlined in his e-mail message were more detailed than anything he’d seen in writing from the Company during their recent conversations.

“They threw a lot of numbers around while we were talking together, but they were never willing to put them in writing,” he said. “If they’d been this willing to put numbers in writing a week ago, we might have got somewhere.”

Wroblewski said it’s pointless to continue rehashing the failed talks, and he called on Union Members to remain focused on what’s important — fixing the problem-plagued 787 so that it can take its first flight.

“The simple truth is there won’t be any new jobs in South Carolina if our Members here in Puget Sound can’t find solutions for all the 787’s problems,” the Union leader said. “We’re the ones who will fix the mistakes and get the first planes ready to fly, and we’re the ones who will be building 787s on two lines in Everett – the main line and the new surge line — while they’re still filling in swamp land in Charleston.

“Without us, the Dreamliner is just a pipedream,” he concluded. “Let’s focus on making it a reality, and quit stewing and fretting about who said what and when.”

One Response to “Boeing’s being ‘misleading,’ Wroblewski says”
  1. Karl D. says:

    Make no mistake. The fight for contract 2012 has already started with these pre-planned and planned to fail “negotiations”.

    The company is now in a full scale psychological warfare campaign to turn the media, the local citizenry, and out frinds and neigbors against us, as well as trying to turn us against our freely elected union leadership.

    I feel they intend to keep up this sort of extraordinary and hateful behaivior for the next three years. This is less about the 2nd 787 line, and more about union busting.

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