District 751: Smart decision is to work with us

Leaders of Machinists Union District 751 called on Boeing leaders to make the smart decision and place a proposed second 787 assembly line in Everett.gold black Wings

“Boeing faces a lot of challenges right now, and its only chance for success is to form partnerships with the people who can help it,” District leadership said in a statement posted on the Union Web site Tuesday. “We are those partners. We can – and should be – the force that drives Boeing forward in the 21st century.”

The statement was in response to news that a South Carolina legsislative committee had approved a series of tax breaks intended to lure Boeing to expand its operations there.

Lawmakers refused to disclose just how much corporate welfare Carolina taxpayers will have to fork over. But the bill does give Boeing the option to operate without paying its share of state taxes for the next 10 years, and it does away with a legal provision that had prevented other South Carolina companies that are accepting tax dollars to at least pay a specified minimum wage. South Carolina business also expect to be hit soon with major tax increases to fill a $2 billion deficit in their state’s unemployment insurance fund.

Even this big tax give-away doesn’t make South Carolina a better place to do business, District 751 leaders said, noting that in 2003, the Legislature here granted Boeing and its suppliers tax cuts worth $3.2 billion — tax cuts the Union had campaigned hard to win.

“We firmly believe Washington state is the smart business decision for a second 787 line with the experienced workers, tax incentives, and other obvious advantages,” the statement from the Union leadership says. “Instead of spending another $750 million to collect the incentives the South Carolina legislature proposed today (on top of the $1 billion Boeing already spent to purchase that plant earlier this year), we would all be better off if Boeing made the rational decision, with the least amount of risk and best chance of success by simply continuing to work with us.”


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