Machinists Council rescinds endorsement of Larsen

SEATTLE — Dan Morgan, the president of the Washington Machinists Council, issued the following statement after his group revoked its endorsement for Congressman Rick Larsen’s 2014 reelection campaign. “On Dec. 13, 2013, U.S. Rep. Larsen issued a press release calling on Machinists Union leaders to ‘let their members vote on the contract offer from Boeing.’ … Continue reading

Union chief blasts candidate over views on tanker

A Congressional candidate’s suggestion that the U.S. Air Force should buy aerial refueling tankers built “here or somewhere else” drew a stinging response from the leader of the Aerospace Machinists union in Washington state. “‘Somewhere else?’ Alabama is ‘somewhere else,’” retorted Tom Wroblewski, who is president of Machinists District Lodge 751 in Seattle. Wroblewski’s comments came … Continue reading


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