Skilled workers give Boeing the edge for tanker

EADS may be in the bidding for the U.S. Air Force tanker contract, but the Europeans have a huge disadvantage to overcome, analysts say – they don’t have skilled and experienced aerospace workers to assemble their plane in Alabama. “Boeing’s advantages are a mature industrial site in Everett, with a tremendously experienced work force. And … Continue reading

Dicks: ‘I hope EADS comes to its senses’

EADS should do the smart thing and not place a bid for the U.S. Air Force’s tanker contract, U.S. Rep. Norm Dicks said at a Seattle fundraising breakfast. The oversized, French-built tanker would be too expensive to buy and too costly to operate, said Dicks. Given that, it would be a waste of EADS’ money … Continue reading

Is outpouring of French whine linked to A400M?

Motley Fool writer Rich Smith is suggesting that the high-level Euro-trashing of the U.S. Air Force tanker bidding process is intended to put pressure on the U.S. government to place orders for the EADS-built A400M transport. As aerospace industry analysts Scott Hamilton and Richard Aboulafia have said, European leaders have no “legal leg to stand on … Continue reading

Analysts urge boycott of French whine

A pair of influential aerospace analysts have this advice for European politicians who are professing to be outraged by the apparent outcome of the U.S. Air Force’s tanker bidding. “Get over it,” wrote Leeham Co. analyst Scott Hamilton. “And move on.” Both Hamilton and Teal Group analyst Richard Aboulafia have come out in the past … Continue reading

Boeing tanker’s best, whether Northrop bids or not

Reports that Northrop Grumman has decided not to bid on a $35 billion U.S. Air Force contract don’t change anything as far as District 751 leaders are concerned. “Boeing’s NewGen tanker is the best choice for America’s military, its taxpayers and its economy, and that doesn’t change whether Northrop Grumman bids or not,” union leaders … Continue reading

Tanker: Northrop Glumbin’ probably won’t bid

Northrop Grumman has “made a tentative decision” not to bid on the U.S. Air Force’s tanker contract, according to the analyst most-knowledgeable about the Pentagon’s long-running procurement saga. The problem, writes Loren Thompson of the Lexington Institute: their plane won’t fit, so they’ll have to quit. EADS and Northrop Grumblin’ are offering a plane that’s significantly … Continue reading

Israelis may convert old 767s into tankers

Israel Aerospace Industries is moving ahead with plans to convert used 767 passenger planes into military cargo and refueling jets, Flight Global reports. IAI is in talks to sell one or more of the converted767 tankers to the Israeli air foce, Flight reports from the Singapore Air Show. But reports last year suggested that IAI’s Bedek … Continue reading

SpiceJet could buy more 737s

Low-cost carrier SpiceJet is in the market for new airplanes, as it considers expanding its route network outside its home base of India. SpiceJet’s chief commercial officer told Dow Jones Newswires that the airline is in talks with both Boeing and Airbus about new jets.  “We are evaluating the future,” he said. “We have not taken … Continue reading

India asks Boeing for tanker bid

The government of India has asked Boeing to provide it with information about aerial refueling tankers, Dow Jones Newswires reports. Last week, we noted that the Indian Finance Ministry had deep-sixed plans to acquire six Airbus KC-30 tankers for the country’s air force. At issue: a dispute between the Indian government financiers, who favored cheap … Continue reading

Airbus loses tanker contract

The government of India has canceled a contract to buy a half-dozen Airbus KC-30 tankers, a deal estimated to be worth between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. The planes were intended to supplement the squadron of six IL-78 tankers that the Indian Air Force now operates. India bought those planes – a deriviative of the ’70s-vintage … Continue reading


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